CROP Featured in the Press

Inyo Register, "Congress must act against harmful trespass cannabis operations"

KTVL News 10, Medford, OR, "Klamath National Forest first in nation to remove all identified illegal marijuana grows​"

Santa Barbara Independent, "Trash from Cannabis Trespass Grows: Illegal Cannabis Farming Harms the Central Coast"

Mugglehead Magazine, "During Covid, California's toxic trespass grows have returned to pre-legalization levels"

NPR "Illegal Pot Operations In Public Forests Are Poisoning Wildlife And Water"

The Atlantic "The Environmental Catastrophe in Your Joint"

TIME Magazine "Illegal Pot Farms on California's Public Land Are Creating an Environmental Hazard"

Associated Press "Illegal pot farms on public land create environmental hazard"

The New York Times "Illegal Pot Farms on Public Land Create Environmental Hazard"

The Northcoast Environmental Center "CROP: Cannabis Removal on Public Lands Project"

Jefferson Exchange (NPR) Interview with Rich McIntyre & Ryan Henson

Standard Times "Coalition to 'reclaim' public lands from trespass cannabis grows"

Standard Times "CROP project takes aim at cannabis grows on public lands"

The Willits News "Cannabis Removal on Public Lands Project to reclaim public lands from drug traffickers"

National Geographic Video & Article on IERC Reclamation

Lost Coast Outpost - EcoNews Report "Is Your Pot Killing Northern Spotted Owls?"

GrowCast: The Official Cannabis Podcast "Public Land Trespass Grows, Environmental Impacts of Illegal Cannabis, and More, with Jackee and Rich from CROP"

  National Cannabis Industry Association "The Economics of Trespass Grows and the Legal Industry"

The CROP Project Press Release 

Outspoke "Reclaiming California's Land from Illegal Cannabis Growers"

National Cannabis Industry Association "Presenter Spotlight: Jackee Riccio of Community Governance Project/CROP Project "

Trespass Grows in the News & Other Informational Material