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2018-2019 PHASE 1
2020-2021 PHASE 2
  • Conduct Outreach

  • Develop Coalition & Advisory Board

  • Humboldt Region Community Organizer Training

  • ​​Secure Key Allies and Seed Funding

  • Initiate Policy Outcomes Discussion

  • Initial Strategic Planning

  • Interim Policy Recommendations

  • Community Outreach

  • CROP Public Launch

  • Complete Strategic Planning

  • Funding Determinations

  • Shasta/Butte County Organizer Training

  • Secure Appropriations

  • CROP Implementation

  • Evaluation and Expansion

2022-2023 PHASE 3
  • Continue bipartisan federal and state decision maker education, leveraging national media to encourage action on public land trespass grows

  • Encourage and support robust funding at the federal level for reclamation, as well as enhanced federal law enforcement on USFS/BLM lands

  • Encourage and support funding at the state level for reclamation

  • Use regional and national media to educate the public, motivate decision makers, and encourage citizen issue engagement

  • Continue key issue research and provide accessible, science and fact-based database on trespass grow impacts

  • Expand relationships with tribes and impacted communities

  • Recruit and help train local crews for site reclamation in collaboration with science and state government partners

  • Conduct issue webinars for conservation partners and press

  • Co-author issue op-eds with regional non-profits to increase public awareness and increase support for action

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